Plan your estate

The process of estate planning can be complicated, but with the help of a board certified estate planning professional you can have a plan created to fit your needs and ensure that your financial future is protected even after you're gone.

Estate Settlement Options

Why Estate Planning?

Most people think estate planning is for the super wealthy; however, a majority of probate court cases are not settled by a judge for the wealthy, they're settled on behalf of average middle-class families who have worked hard all their lives and acquired a home and other personal assets.

Start Planning Now!

It's never too late to begin planning your estate. If you are beginning to acquire valuable assets such as a home, vacation home, stocks, bonds, antiques, or other valuable possessions, you will benefit by hiring an estate planning specialist to protect what belongs to you and your family.

Probate Court Settlements

In the event that your loved one has passed without a will or trust and the estate ends up in probate court, you will need representation by an experienced attorney who knows probate law. An attorney will fight to protect what is rightfully yours and will work hard to finalize a fair settlement.

Take Action Today!

Don't wait until it's too late to plan your estate. In Texas, the attorneys at Parvin Law are ready to help you and your family protect everything you work hard for. If your loved one's estate is already headed for probate court, probate lawyers, like Texas attorney Chris Parvin, can help protect your interests. Contact his office for an initial consultation today.